What Makes The Clinic Center Istanbul A Great Choice

Are you among those who would like your hair to grow in the balding area? At present, with the new campaign by clinic center istanbul for hair transplantation in Turkey, you will have no problem in getting the hair transplant executed in Turkey by one of the most experienced doctors.

Istanbul, a city of Turkey, is situated 41.01 latitude & 28.95 longitude and is at an elevation of 39 meters over sea level. Clinic center istanbul has an experience of over 25 years and they are specialists in organizing cosmetic surgery and hair transplant methods in Turkey. Its partner consultants have treated numerous patients from various nations that include Ireland, United Kingdom, Canada, The USA, Australia, and the Middle East. Given that its partner consultants focus just on plastic surgery and hair transplant, they are finest in their sphere and have achieved a satisfaction rate of 95%. The credit goes to the satisfaction of its patients that a major number of its patients make contact with it for having their plastic surgery/hair transplant by word of mouth. Due to hair transplant being a medical surgical procedure, it must be done by doctors, as per the rules of the Ministry of Health. Hair transplant at the partner clinics of the Clinic Center is executed by doctors who’ve been doing just hair transplant for over 10 years.

The Doctors In The Clinic Center Istanbul Are Experienced Doctors

The doctors are taken in by the Clinic center istanbul only following a very comprehensive search and scrutiny of their medical backdrop, performances, and satisfaction of their patients. The doctors here have been doing hair transplant for over 10 years and thus are greatly experienced. They did their studies and completed their graduation from the trendiest universities in Turkey and have global experience. The doctors of this centre are also members of worldwide medical associations. They also go to the annual meetings where they have the option of following the most recent medical progress for developing themselves in plastic surgery and hair transplant.

You Get Hair Transplant At No Hidden Cost

Hair transplant is amongst the most performed methods in Turkey and the reasons are the first-rate results and reasonable costs. In this clinic, the rate charged for hair transplant and FUE is between $1,800 and $2,000 and between $1,600 and $2,000 respectively. The Clinic center istanbul is working and has always worked on an all-encompassing basis. The packages that it offers consist of each and every one of the costs associated with the plastic surgery and hair transplant treatment of a person in Turkey. Thus, all of those who do a treatment here can be relined that there will no added costs after their treatment have been done. The details of the package that this center offers are as follows:

  • Consultation
  • Preoperative Tests
  • Therapy at Ministry permitted Clinic /Hospital
  • Examination/ check up
  • Drugs/Medications
  • Accommodation consisting of breakfast
  • Aerodrome Transfers
  • Call Center Support/assistance for 24/7

All Your Requirements Are Taken Care Of

The promise of the Clinic center istanbul to its patients is that they are going to receive the finest treatment while having the great feeling of being at home. After a patient has decided on the date to get the treatment, the center looks after the rest, such that the patients have no need for thinking about the particulars and are free to concentrate on their procedure. The center sends comprehensive medical travel programme to its patients. There, the patients can have a look the dates for appointments, lodgings and transfer particulars and contact particulars of the allotted patient relations consultant.

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